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Everybody wants more money. No doubt about that. Rich people, poor people, mediocre people. We all want to have more financial freedom to do what we love and to leave the money-worries behind.  Most people aim for the lottery to get more money, but fact is, that chances of you winning the lottery are even slimmer than the chances of you getting hit by lightening! Would you want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to ensure yourself of a CHANCE to win something?

Now you might argue with me at this point, saying ‘But IF I win, Imma be myself a millionaire! – That might be true – IF you win, but research has shown that over 80 percent of lottery winners lose their money, plus more, within 5 years after their winnings.

Now you don’t want to put your money on this, now do you?

What if I told you a secret that will transform your life completely in the way you look at and deal with money.

You see, everything that we have in our physical world starts out in our mental, spiritual  or emotional world. As a dream or a thought, or even as a desire.

Most people don’t realize that their desire or wish is the catalyst of their desired manifestation, and so they go looking for it in the outer, physical world. A hotdog, a car, a girl- or boyfriend – all are firstly created in your mind and/or heart, and then, if strong enough, found in the physical world.

But the secret is that if you consciously create your wish, desire or goal in your inner, non-physical world – your mind, your heart – it will become much and much easier to attract it in the physical life.

Perhaps you’re thinking ‘I don’t have to listen to this mumbo-jumbo; I’ll take my chances in the lottery!’

But here’s the thing: science today proves and underlines that having a clear goal on what you want helps in getting it. You see, most people dont get what they want, because they don’t really know what they want. And if they do find out what they want, they’re most likely bound by non-supportive beliefs that withhold them from getting what they want.

It’s kind of like taking a beta-blocker for your blood-pressure or arrhythmia. Your mind is telling your heart to increase beating, but the beta-blockers are keeping that signal from arriving at the heart. Your non-supportive beliefs are holding you back in achieving what you want, even if you consciously take the right steps!

Changing your inner world changes your outer world, not the other way arround.

Change your beliefs (on any area of your life that isn’t working for you the way you want it) and you’ll change the outcome of that area of your belief.

So, your question now is (or should be) ‘How do I change my non-supporting beliefs?’

One way to change your money mindset beliefs are through affirmations. Affirmations are acknowledgements of those things you’d like to have in your life or already have in your life.

Some people occasionally are thankful for what they have in their life, but most people aren’t even aware of the riches they have in their life (e.g a good health, spare time, family or a house to come home to), let alone be thankful for what they are about to receive.

We all grew up with limiting beliefs, most of them originated from our parents. Realize that – especially concerning money – they grew up in a different time, and so they have different values towards things like money. Think back on the times your mother or father said ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’, or ‘Money is the root of all evil. Or – and this is one I heard a lot in my family ‘We can’t afford it’.

All of these, and many, many more have been planted in your mind over and over again, until you unconsciously started to believe these comments were true for you too.

But the truth is – it’s not!

Re-programming your mind on the areas that you want to improve on is a very helpful method to change your life for the better. And affirmations are a great technique to help you accomplish that.

In this video you’ll find great affirmations that will help you changing your unconscious non-supporting beliefs into a belief system that works with you.

Train your brain on a daily basis and take just a couple of minutes to re-program your mind by doing affirmations. You’ll see that when you do it more often, it will get easier and your mind will start to believe the new information you;re putting in. Re-programming your mind is like taking uo a new habit. It takes about 21 to 30 days to develop a new habit. And if you’re consistent enough, the new habit will work ror you for the rest of your life.

To your success!

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