3 Questions to determine if you have a healthy financial mindset

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Do you have a healthy Financial Mindset?
Everywhere we go we are being encouraged to examine and improve our mindset… MIND SET… these two small words joined together hold the key to our success in life.

Whether it is our mindset concerning our jobs, career, personal achievements, relationships or financial status, every expert in the coaching field is telling us that our first step and most critical step to creating what we want is to examine what our mind is set on.

What they are saying, in simple terms, is that how we perceive, envision or anticipate through our thoughts has a huge impact on the results we receive.

  • Business coaches will tell you that if you think you can’t succeed in business that you are wasting your time…success will not come.
  • Personal life coaches will encourage you to focus on what is good and positive and already working in your life in order to gain the improvements you desire because dwelling on what is negative keeps you stuck.
  • Relationship healing coaches take you back in time to think about and remember happier, more joyful times so that you can get your thoughts going in a more positive direction.
Our generation has brought to the forefront the key to help us create the life we want to have. The key is in our understanding of the value, power and impact of our mindset, what our mind is set on and therefore we believe.

In an effort to achieve our desired outcome, once armed with this powerful awareness, the logical response (and the one millions of people are paying sometimes very high coaching fees for) is to change what we currently believe.

For example:

Business Mindset
Negative Belief                                    Contrasting Positive Belief

I can’t compete with the top                 I have a valuable product or service.
experts in my field.

Life Mindset
Negative Belief                                    Contrasting Positive Belief

Nothing ever works out for me.              I deserve everything I desire.

Relationship Mindset
Negative Belief                                    Contrasting Positive Belief

I always attract the wrong person.         I will meet my perfect partner.

These are a few examples of negative thought patterns that our mind can be set on that limits what actually happens in our lives. It is the basic principle of the Universal Law of Attraction that says what you focus your thoughts and energy on will manifest itself as reality. Often times these thoughts loom in our subconscious mind and are out of our awareness. And this is where the real work begins.

identifying and releasing the negative thoughts stuck in our mind that are limiting our potential in order to replace them with positive thoughts that will serve our intentions.

Let’s examine how this affects how we deal with our finances.

Just as there are negative beliefs that affect our level of success in business, relationships and life in general, there are also negative beliefs that will affect our success in our financial life. I refer to this as our Financial Mindset.

By definition, a healthy financial mindset is a thought pattern that acknowledges and respects your current financial status. See the role of money as one that helps stimulate creation, inspires, supports and encourages you to explore, investigate and experience life in order realize your dreams and passions.

A healthy financial mindset understands that the most important relationship in your financial life is your relationship with money. How you perceive money and wealth internally as well as its place in the world around you. It is through your perception that you will find your confidence, courage, self-esteem and sense of responsibility. It is a healthy mind who sees it as his job to inspire and guide you to explore and experience the areas of the financial life in order to develop a positive and healthy relationship with wealth, abundance and money, thus learning to trust and rely on your own internal guidance system.

The intention of almost every person is to raise their income (as well as their happiness, health and success). This can only happen when you approach your financial journey with a healthy financial mindset.

People who are raised by parents without a healthy financial mindset find themselves reaching living life struggling with a whole host of limiting beliefs and thoughts that must be over-ridden in order be able to create the life they want.

What is your financial mindset?

And how do you know if you have a healthy financial mindset?

Ask yourself these 3 questions to find out…

A) Am I practicing what I have learned from people struggling to make ends meet?
B) Do I reserve my beliefs and opinions, and encourage myself to form my own, based on what I learn from others who have succeeded in their financial life?

A) Do I feel I reached the top of my financial life?
B) Do I see my money as potential, allowing me to find out what else is possible for my financial life?

A) I believe I can’t earn more than I do now, and if I believe I can earn more, it’s not that much more. .
B) I believe my job as a human being is to fulfill my potential, including my financial potential, thus enabling me to earn whatever I want.

If you chose answer “B” for any of the three questions, congratulations…you are well on your way to having a healthy Financial Mindset.

When these things are prevalent in relationship with money, you’ll lose your ability to create a healthy financial life and are forced to live a financial life through the eyes and desires of your parents.

By examining your financial mindset, you have taken the first step. And in doing so, you are now in a position to move forward to improve and enhance your skills to be the best you can be, enabling yourself to empower yourself with the mindset and skills you need to create a wealthy life that will bring you yougreatest joy and happiness.

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