Where Are You Now?

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In order to know where you want to go to, you need to know where you are right now. If you want to go to Rome for example, you need to know the route, but more importantly, you need to know where you are coming from. The route to Rome is most likely very different if you are coming from Vienna, than when you come from Brussels. Let me explain:

It’s good to know that you want to become a person with a miilionaire mind, and, fi possible, a millionaire life-style and financial status. But in order to get there, you need to know how your situation is right now.

I know, it’s not the nicest thing to take a look at, especially when you are far from the millionaires mindset or financial status, but let’s face it, you need to determin where you are right now, in order to set the right course for that millionaire mind.

So, in just a couple of simple steps you can determin where you are right now. But, first of all, I should warn you, that this is NOT an IQ-test, nor is it meant as something to demotivate you. It simply a tool to help you find out in where you are right now.

In this form below you find 50 statements about money, wealth, richness and finances. Mark every statement with a grade from zero (0) to ten (10). 0 meaning ‘I don’t have/feel this at all’, 10 meaning ‘I absolutely agree/I have/feel this completely”. Here when you are done, follow the instructions under the form.

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