Study Shows a Link Between Physical Fitness and Financial health

HAVING a healthy bank account may be as simple as keeping fit, a new study has revealed.

Having who play sports regularly are 64 per cent more likely to achieve their financial goals, compared to those who don’t, financial services organisation AMP has found.

In fact, those who are not sporty or athletic are more than twice as likely to have no financials goals at all.

Victorians were the most spontaneous with their funds, with just over half considering themselves a savvy saver.

St Kilda East competitive powerlifter Edwin John said chasing goals in his sport assists him with meeting his financial goals.

“Having structure in my life leads to better financial stability,” he said.

“A healthy lifestyle is reflected within your work, sleeping pattern and frame of mind.

“When I’m training and focused I have a deeper drive to succeed. I also save money because I’m not eating out or drinking as much.”

Of the 1000 Australians surveyed, those who played sports were 66 per cent more likely to make super fund contributions and more than twice as likely to invest in property than those that didn’t.

Cyclists and netballers came out on top as the most financially savvy thinkers, while golfers and cricketers are the most likely sportsman to seek financial advice.

AFL great Leigh Matthews believes having a goals based mindset is important when thinking about our financial futures.

“The one thing that all successful sports people have in common is that they set worthwhile and measurable goals,” he said.

“It’s certainly no surprise to me that this research shows AFL players apply the same well planned approach to their football as they do to achieving their financial goals.”

The study also found that sports can help improve personal relationships and careers.

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